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Logotherapy is growing in its popularity and application across the globe. In the midst of global- even existential- threats, such as the climate crisis, mental health crisis, unprecedented global poverty, military conflict and gaps between “haves” and “have nots”, among others, logotherapy has much to offer us: it is a practical, therapeutic/philosophical approach that helps people find personal meaning in life. Logotherapy, initiated and widely developed by Prof. Dr. Viktor Frankl, enables us to appreciate the meaning of each moment, the value of each human being and the ability to endure hardship and suffering through a search for purpose.


Prof. Alexander Batthyany, the Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, the premier global institute fostering the life work of Viktor Frankl, logotherapy and existential analysis, has encouraged the international community of logotherapists to take a step forward in helping apply logotherapy to our current times, allowing it to answer the current problems we face. Batthyany has inspired us to build on the authentic foundations of logotherapy, calling on us to “share the treasure”, to think creatively and communicate with them on any worthy research ideas which may come our way in our various fields of endeavor.


With this in mind, a group of dedicated practitioners have started the Global Logotherapy Initiative, and begun the process of connecting all who are studying and practicing across many cultural contexts and fields with those who are still seeking. 


We believe that logotherapy is a powerful “platform”, and just as a technology platform can produce many products and applications, the “logotherapy platform” can bring as much good to the world in confronting modern challenges we face, together.


We intend to expand and deepen the important role logotherapy can play in the world, not only as a therapy but as a way of looking at life, and build the global logotherapy community through the following means:

- Creating educational opportunities

- Deepening social and institutional networking

- Creating professional collaboration

- Identifying new opportunities

- Carrying out projects for social change and betterment

- Sharing best practices and experience.

- Promoting positive change, support and friendship.


In Jewish tradition there is the concept of tikkun olam, “repair of the world”; we will not be able to change the world by ourselves, but we are able to continue building on the teachings of Viktor Frankl to expand our self-transcendence to discover our meaning in life.


We look forward to building this initiative along with you! 

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