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Committee Work

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The Global Logotherapy Initiative has started setting up work in three committees:



1) Outreach Committee: To inform people of what Logotherapy is about and how it is applied.

Contact: Mark Lane-Holbert


Link to join Outreach Committee WhatsApp:


2) Education Committee: To develop educational materials as an open source for anyone to use and improvise as they wish.


Contact: Margalit Chordekar


We have created power point presentations on:


General introduction to logotherapy

Logotherapy for single parenting

Logotherapy for finding meaning through grief

Logotherapy to overcome depression


Send ideas for more topics to create presentations for to Margalit.


3) Social Media Committee: We are seeking a person to head this committee


4) Enichment committee: We are seeking a person to head this committee.

If you are interested in taking part in any one of the committees and participating in the committee work please contact with: 

Batya Yaniger, PsyD, LSW, Logotherapist

Logotherapy training, counseling, enrichment

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