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Applications and Benefits of Logotherapy

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Applications and benefits of logotherapy

Batya Yaniger

Logotherapy is applicable for a wide range of life challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, illness, addictions, phobias and relationship issues.


What makes logotherapy unique is its perception of what it means to be human and its philosophy of life. The way we see ourselves and the attitude we choose towards life strongly impacts how we treat ourselves and others.


Logotherapy is based on the assumption that we do not live merely to survive but we want our lives to have meaning and purpose. Furthermore, logotherapy posits that there is always meaning to be found. By relating to whatever happens with dignity, courage and compassion, we discover that no matter what happens, despite war and social unrest, regrets about the past and uncertainty about the future, there is always meaning to our existence. Moreover, we do not need to strive for happiness or “positive thinking.” Happiness is the natural and authentic outcome of living a life that is aligned with our values. At the heart of logotherapy is not self-actualization but self-transcendence. By having a “what for” beyond ourselves to live for, we live a rich and meaningful life.


We are here for a reason, and we are questioned by life. Each individual is unique and irreplaceable. Every moment in life is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to fully experience life. We have unique tasks to perform, and we are responsible for shaping our own lives.


Therefore, the benefit of the logotherapeutic approach is that it helps us to see that we do and can make a difference in the world. Logotherapy helps us to learn to accept that there are things we cannot change, so that we put our energy and focus into what we can change. Furthermore, we have not been determined by our past. We look to the past for lessons to learn that orient us towards a better future. Logotherapy empowers us with response-ability, i.e. the ability to respond to our inner voice of wisdom and to the values that call us and not merely react emotionally. Logotherapy helps us to find a strong enough reason to  make the necessary sacrifice and put in the effort required to achieve our meaningful goals. Logotherapy teaches us to transcend our ego wants for the sake of the people we love and the values that make life worth living.

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